Fixit IT Services


Fixit-IT provides a complete IT outsourcing solution for your business, from purchasing and installing a new PC, to installing and configuring a new network. We provide an extensive range of computing solutions for your business.

  • Computer service and support

    – so your PCs work well, making your job easier

  • Hardware and software advice

    – independent and linked to your business needs

  • Monthly maintenance

    – to prevent potential problems and maximise performance

  • Client server and networking solutions

    – keeping your people linked with each other and your customers

  • Email, and Internet

    – keeping you online all the time

  • Backup and data redundancy solutions

    – making sure your data is safe and relevant

Hardware and Software

We have established accounts with the major resellers of hardware and software in Australia , enabling us to provide independent and competitive pricing on all hardware and software from the major vendors.

Infrastructure Solutions

Our industry knowledge and experience has enabled us to provide solutions to businesses that ensure their networks are stable, reliable and secure.


Whether we are implementing a brand new network that requires PC’s, servers, printers, email, internet connectivity, wireless access and databases, our expertise and experience will ensure that your information systems are installed to industry best practice.

Anti-Virus/Spamming/Spyware Solutions

We can install and configure simple anti-virus protection to complex email, server and networked anti-virus protection, from all the major Anti-Virus vendors.

Email Solutions

Whether you want an in-house email system or an externally hosted email system, Fixit-IT can design and setup the system that is right for your specific businesses communication needs.

Security Solutions

From developing internal policies on your systems ensuring password and file protection to firewall configuration and monitoring, we provide a level of security installing confidence and knowledge that your systems are safe from outside attacks.

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