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At Fixit-IT, we have a 4 hour guaranteed on-site response times for critical issues, giving your business confidence and asurity that the impact on productivity will be kept to a minimum.

IT support issues can be logged through our main reception voicemail , made through our website contact page or emailed directly to

Our experienced engineers are always contactable to assist with your issues.

A Professional Services time sheet is signed by our servicing technician and a representative from your company. This ensures that you know exactly what we have been working on and gives us an opportunity to explain what we have done and why.

When we do work for you offsite, we will fax the Professional Service Time Sheet through to you immediately upon completing the task.

Contact Fixit IT Today. The Sydney IT Service Specialists. 9460 1577

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Proper maintenance of your information systems is crucial in providing a reliable and stable IT platform to run your systems off. Software vendors are constantly releasing upgrades and patches to their products, which fix bugs and also improve security.

Failure to update to the latest patches may mean your systems can be compromised and business applications may not function at there optimal.

Your server needs to be managed on a regular cycle to ensure your data is safe and secure, and that your systems are running at optimal. We have developed a comprehensive maintenance schedule, that checks the health of your systems and provides a detailed analysis of our systems health, and which provides important information about performance, capacity and usage.

Pro-Active management means we can stop most problems before they happen and gives your business information about your systems that can assist in planning and budgeting future upgrades and further system requirements.

But most importantly, when issues happen that affects your information systems you need to be ensured that support is readily available.